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Our stages are virtual now, but we're still having fun!

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Heidi is thrilled to have co-produced HindSight is 2020.


HindSight is 2020 was a one-night-only virtual cabaret show inspired by “these unprecedented times.”

Funny, sexy, heartfelt and oh so relatable, we’re closing the lid on this dumpster fire of a year by highlighting the shared experiences which brought us closer together, despite the distance.

Tipping during the show benefited Howard Brown Health’s COVID-19 relief. Our incredibly generous audience and cast came together to raise $1,576.70 for Howard Brown! 

HindSight is... HindSight!

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Heidi has the following virtual acts ready for your online show! Thinking of something else? Inquire about a virtual version of any stage act listed here or send any other request here.


Clorox Wipe

Heidi comes home from buying some quarantine essentials and finds herself slipping into a quaran-clean dream.



Princesses Heidi, Heidi, Heidi, & Heidi are here to tell you a bit about Happily Ever After.

*This act is filmed & ready, but has not had a performance debut yet. Will you be the first?


Here Forever

Quarantine is for finding your inner showgirl glamour...

And for dancing on your couch!

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Heidi has been up to a few fun projects online. Check these out!

For The First Time In Forever - Vaccinat

For The First Time In Forever - 
Vaccination Day

Vaccines have arrived in the kingdom of Arendelle!


 After years and months of quarantine, for the first time in forever, Anna and Elsa are excited about what the future has in store outside of the castle.

Parody of "For The First Time In Forever" from Frozen

Anna: Heidi Seek

Elsa: Brittany Clifton-Strale


🌈 After the rain comes the rainbow! 🌈

💖 Pink: Lyssa J Cosplay

❤️ Red: Heidi Seek⁣

🧡 Orange: Zsa Zsa Tada

💛 Yellow: It's Kitty

💚 Green: Valencia Vice

💙 Blue: Taylor Lach

💜 Purple: Rebecca Ellen

Edited by: Kitty Wolf Photography

Pass the Brush:

Rainbow Edition


What to do when when it's your birthday in quarantine... Again!

Heidi was lucky to have shared the day with her parents and cats... And some Taco Bell & more!

She couldn't resist playing with some video edits to a tune that sums up the repeat quarantine birthday experience.

Thirty-One More Time:

The Repeat Quarantine Birthday


When chaos reigns and everything burns, the Sanderson Sisters shall make their return! On Zoom Chat?!?!? See the spellbinding Sanderson Sisters take on the year 2020 as they try to secure their existence in these deliciously tumultuous times! Just what are they cooking up over there?

Winifred: It's Kitty

Mary: Taylor Lach

Sarah: Heidi Seek

Written & Edited by: Kitty Wolf Photography

The Witch is Back!

A Hocus Pocus Cosplay Skit


When Will

Quarantine End?

Oh, come on, Pascal, it's not so bad in there.🦎

A reflection of Spring 2020 from the quarantine queen herself, Rapunzel.

Parody of "When Will My Life Begin" from Tangled.

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